Durango Mesa Park Foundation Plans to Build Colorado’s Largest Bike Park

The Durango Mesa Park Foundation board of directors announces a $5,000,000 investment to begin the necessary infrastructure work to provide access to Durango Mesa Park, as well as start the design, planning and construction of what the Foundation envisions will be Colorado’s largest, most comprehensive bike park. This investment is in addition to the $14,000,000 land purchase the Katz family made of the parcel formerly known as Ewing Mesa. 

This Durango Herald article gives a thorough overview of the plans, vision and next steps for Durango Mesa Park.

As quoted in the article: “It’s all super exciting. We are literally at this cusp where things really can start happening,” Durango Mesa Park Foundation Executive Director Moira Montrose Compton said. “Will something be in place in 2021? No. But 2022 we are looking at stuff and more in 2023. This will be Colorado’s biggest bike park. To accomplish that will take a number of different groups coming in to make that happen.”

Read this Opinion column from the editorial staff of the Durango Herald.

Durango Mesa Park Foundation’s plans for Colorado Largest Bike Park were also featured in the Durango Telegraph.

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