Discover a ride unlike any other.

Welcome to Durango Mesa Bike Park, where community, culture, and recreation come together.

Durango Mesa Park is a place for all to gather, experience the cultural and recreational landscapes of the region, and develop deeper connections to our community, each other, and our heritage.

Our Guiding Principles

Design: A people-focused approach that facilitates innovation, inspires stewardship, and enhances resiliency.

Fun: Curating experiences that promote enjoyment and play.

Accessible: A destination that welcomes, includes, and encourages users of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

People: Fostering healthy and active connections.

Legacy: Embracing our heritage and stewarding the beauty and future of the landscape.

Demonstration Trails Now Open

September 2023, Durango Mesa Park Foundation and the City of Durango opened seven miles of new trails, connecting Durango Mesa Park to the Horse Gulch Trailhead and the Horse Gulch and Telegraph trail networks. Visit the Durango Mesa Bike Park page for more information.

Rules of the Trail
  • Hours are dawn to dusk
  • Dogs are not allowed on directional downhill only bicycle flow trails
  • Dogs must be on leash on multi-use trails
  • No motorized vehicles
  • Pedal assist Class 1 E Bikes only on new Durango Mesa Park trails
  • No equestrian use
  • Winter closures may be in effect from December-April
  • Obey all directional signs and warnings
  • Do not stop on or below jumps or features

All users assume the inhernet risk of biking, hiking and associated outdoor activities and agree to abide by all signage, warnings, closures and safety instructions. Stay on trails and ride safely. Be aware of and respect wildlife in its natural habitat. Respect private property.

Durango Mesa Park master plan.
Trail Etiquette
  • Do not stop on or below jumps or features
  • Travel at a controllable speed
  • Yield to climbing bikes and hikers on multi-use trails
  • Warn when passing
  • Don’t ride muddy trails
  • No littering: pack in / pack out / pick up
  • Obey all closures
Welcome to the Meadow Hub

The Meadow Hub at Durango Mesa Bike Park buzzed to life in 2023, on its way to becoming the heartbeat of the Park. A testament to our dedication to creating a cohesive and connected experience at Durango Mesa Park, The Meadow Hub connects the new trails, connects Horse Gulch to Durango Mesa Park and will ultimately connect future elements of the bike park. It serves as a gathering point for adventure seekers, families, and friends alike, bringing people together in the heart of Durango Mesa Park while fostering a sense of unity and accessibility.

Durango Mesa Park master plan.